Delicious feasting with alpine view

Eating at Steakhouse Kaps


„Kaps“ Tartar of Tyrolean ox fillet A ,B, C, D, F, G, L, N, O
28,00 €
Avocado I Port Wine Onion I Horseradish Aioli
Scallops A, E, G, H, O, R
26,00 €
Banana and Cabbage Sprout Cream I Wasabi Peanuts I Lemon Squash Sauce
Beetroot brûlée Vegan, O
19,00 €
Winter truffle I roasted chestnut I sour cream granita I radish cress
Burrata A, G, H, O
22,00 €
Sweet and sour date tomatoes I pumpkin seed pesto I caraway chips
Tafelspitz soup A, C, F, G, L, O
11,00 €
Beef soup I semolina dumplings I vegetable strips
Schlutzkrapfen (doughnuts) VEGAN, A, B, C, G, H, L, M, O
21,00 €
Roasted wild mushroom carp I leaf spinach I lemon mousse
Kaiserwinkl Root Fish B, D, L, O
26,00 €
Sour char I crustacean stock I Beluga lentils I root vegetables I saffron potatoes
Pappardelle & Truffle VEGETARIAN C, G, L, O
26,00 €
Truffle cream I fresh truffle I pecorino
Tawa shrimps A, B, C, G, L, N, O
28,00 €
Naan Bread I Indian Spiced Prawns I Pomegranate I Coriander
Tawa Karfiol VEGAN, A, F, L, N, O
24,00 €
Naan Bread I Indian Spice Cauliflower I Lime Mayo I Coriander
Fillet of beef calf
46,00 €
200 g I AUT
Fillet of beef calf
59,00 €
300 g I AUT
Rib-Eye Dry Aged
41,00 €
250 g I AUS
Rib-Eye Dry Aged
54,00 €
350 g I AUS
110,00 €
500 g I AUT
120,00 €
1200 g I AUT
Porterhouse Dry Aged
130,00 €
1200 g I AUT
Flank steak F, L, M
48,00 €
300g I lime I garlic I chilli I mint I AUT
Tyrolean saddle of venison
42,00 €
Juniper I Rosemary I 250g I AUT
Branzino A, B, C, D, G, L
36,00 €
Garlic butter | Mediterranean herbs
Kaiserwinkl salmon trout A, B, C, D, G, L
38,00 €
Sesame I Wasabi | Ginger | 220 g
Maishendl BBQ Wings
27,00 €
12 pieces | AUT
Kaps Cheese Burger A, E, F, L, M, N, O
32,00 €
250g Dry Aged Rib Eye I ripe gouda cheese I crispy bacon I onion rings I AUT
Steak tasting - for four to ten people I per person from
79,00 €
Our team will be happy to advise you.

In addition, a supplement* ...

... and a sauce of your choice

Sweet potato fries E

Teriyaki bacon beansG, L, M

Mashed potatoes with brown butter G, M

small mixed salad L, M, O

Grilled winter vegetables G

Truffle parmesan frieze G

Tempura Thai asparagus

Classic fried potatoes

Herb butter G

Hollandaise sauce / Bérnaise C, G, M, O

Kaps BBQ Sauce A, E, F, L, M, N, O

Cognac pepper sauce A, F, L, M, O

Mushroom cream sauce G, L, O

Mayo variations C, M

Gourmet add-ons

Blue Cheese Crust A, G, L………..7


Tiger Prawns B…………………………..12

*Each additional side dish is charged with 6 €, each additional sauce with 4 €.

Maroniparfait A, C, G, H
16,00 €
Black Ribisel I Weinchadeau
Lauer chocolate cake A, C, G
18,00 €
Strawberry sorbet I Coconut cream
Nougat bags A, C, G, H
18,00 €
roasted nut crumbs I Rum sultana ice cream
Homemade sorbet with vodka 4 cl I per ice cream scoop
16,00 €
Homemade Sorbet with Champagne I per scoop
21,00 €
Affogato A, C, G, O
7,00 €
Espresso I Vanilla ice cream
2016 Cuvée Beerenauslese 0,1l
18,00 €
Weinlaubenhof Kracher, Illmitz, Burgenland Chardonnay, Bouvier, Welschriesling
2007 Forticus 0,1l
22,00 €
Weingut Graf Hardegg, Seefeld-Kadolz, Weinviertel Merlot
2014 Banyuls Vin Doux Naturel 0,1l
10,00 €
Gérard Bertrand, Adissan Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris
2008 Vin Santo DOC 0,1l
25,00 €
Fattoria di Fèlsina, Siena, Toskana Sangiovese, Trebbiano

Coffee specialties

€ 3,20
Espresso, decaffeinated
€ 3,20
Espresso Macchiato
€ 3,50
€ 4,90
€ 4,20
Latte Macchiato
€ 4,80
Verlängerter (Espresso with hot water)
€ 3,50
Verlängerter (Espresso with hot water), decaffeinated
€ 3,50

Tea specialties

Refreshing Mint
€ 6,50
Fruity Camomile
€ 6,50
Sweet Berries
€ 6,50
€ 6,50
Green Dragon
€ 6,50
Earl Grey
€ 6,50
Darjeeling Summer Gold
€ 6,50

Special features from the digestif barrel

Herzog Nusserl
€ 9,00
Herzog Zirbe
€ 9,00
Herzog Marille
€ 7,00
Herzog Williams
€ 7,00
Herzog Waldhimbeerbrand
€ 14,00
Ziegler XXL Alte Zwetschke
€ 16,00
Nonino Chardonny Grappa
€ 8,00
Nonino Merlot Grappa
€ 9,00
Bocchino Grappa di Barolo
€ 12,00
Martell Cordon Bleu
€ 18,00
Hennessy XO
€ 22,00