Delicious feast with alpine view

Eating in the Kaps


Placesetting "Crispy Farmer´s bread"A, G
6,00 €
With homemade spread & salted butter
Beef tatar Bruschetta A, C, F, G, L, M, O
24,00 €
Homemade sourdough bread roasted in oliveoil, raw beef fillet marinated with chili aioli,fresh parsley and truffle pecorino
Kaps Jausen A, G, L, O
16,00 €
Bresaola, spiced osso collo and bacon, buffalomozzarella, Asmonte cheese, olives, semi-driedtomatoes & sparkling grapes
Salmon trout gently smoked from the Kaiserwinkl D, F, G, O
21,00 €
Refreshing tomato salsa, horseradishmousse & grilled ciabatta
Veal trout C, D, G, O
21,00 €
Saddle of veal with trout mayo, green apple chutney apple chutney, radishes, deep-fried capers & mint oil
Summer Burrata E, G, H, O
18,00 €
Creamy burrata on plucked lettuce, watermelon, figs, roasted pistachios, 12-year-old balsamic vinegar, pumpkin seed oil
Sardine can A, D, F, G, O
16,00 €
Vintage sardine, cucumber salad, chilli butter, pickled date tomatoes & grilled white bread
Octopus A, F, G, O, R
44,00 €
Grilled octopus in smokey tomato sauce, chili potatos
Grilled Calamari A, G, O, R
26,00 €
White wine sauce, lemongrass, fresh herbs & ciabatta
Sea Bream Royal 400 g-500g per piece A, D, G
38,00 €
Wild catch, Zadar Croatia
Tip: Catch of the day
0,00 €
Daily changing fish dish
Vietnamese summer roll D, E, N, O
16,00 €
Rice leaves filled with Thai mango, cucumber, avocado, fresh coriander, basil and mint in chilli lemon dressing, peanut sauce
Kaps pure (Vegan) A, F, N, O
18,00 €
Bowl with yellow curry hummus, herb falafel, ginger cucumber, tahini sauce, green beans & pickled onions
Garden salad G, L, O
17,00 €
Summer vegetables and grilled goat's cheese, with raspberry balsamic & olive oil, marinated leaf salads
Fillet of beef from 150 g-300 g (per 100 g) G
23,00 €
The fillet of beef or tenderloin is the most popular cut of beef, which sits below the roast beef. It is very fine-fibred and tender, and also very lean with an average fat content of 3 to 4.5%
Chateaubriand from 400 g-600 g (per 100 g) G
23,00 €
Chateaubriand is a "double steak" cut from the centre of the beef fillet.
Tomahawk from approx. 1.2 kh per piece (per 100 g) G
19,00 €
The extra thick cut tomahawk steak comes from the back of the prime rib of beef.
Porterhouse from approx. 1 kg per piece (per 100 g) G
19,00 €
The porterhouse is a cut from the back of the beef, with a large proportion of roast beef and the centre of the fillet. Its T-shaped bone gives the meat additional flavour and juiciness.
Rib Eye Steak from approx.300 g (per 100 g) G
17,00 €
The ribeye steak is cut boneless from the high rib, the back of the beef between the 8 and 12 ribs, between the neck of beef and the sirloin.
Lamb crown (per 200 g)
44,00 €
Lime pepper, olive oil, garlic & thyme
Bami Goreng A, B, C, D, F, H, L, N, O
28,00 €
Fried Asian wheat noodles, chicken fillet, king prawn, egg, fresh vegetables
Pasta Beef A, C, E, G, H, O
31,00 €
Tagliatelle with beef fillet strips, grilled mushrooms, spring onions, roasted macadamia nuts & oil
Pasta Prawn A, B, C, G, O
31,00 €
Tagliatelle with fried king prawns, leccino olives, capers, tomato concassée & garlic-chilli oil
36,00 €
200 g dry aged ribeye patty from the grill in a brioche bun with bacon, smoked gouda, rosemary mayonnaise, caramelised onions, tomatoes & leaf salad

In addition, a supplement* ...

... and a sauce of your choice

Grilled vegetables
Green asparagus, baby carrots, corn on the cob & zucchini tossed in Korean BBQ sauce.

Truffle Parmesan Fries
Potato Crispers with Truffle Butter and Parmesan

Creamy pumpkin puree
with dill & fried onion

Homemade sweet potato wedges
in chili oil, garlic & parsley

Crispy sweet pea pods
with cubes of smoked bacon


Alm herb butter

Kaps barbecue sauce

Cognac pepper jus

Mayo variation


Mediterranean Hollandaise Sauce


1 pc. Grilled king prawn | 8,00 €

1 fried egg in brown butter | 4,00 €

*Each additional side dish or sauce will be charged with 5,00 €.

Raspberry & chocolate C, G, O
12,00 €
White chocolate, vanilla ice cream & hot raspberry sauce & fresh berries
Tiramisu A, C, G, O
12,00 €
Mascarpone cream, sponge fingers, espresso, amaretto & cocoa
Summer berry parfait A, C, E, G, H, O
16,00 €
Raspberry glaze, almond sponge and vanilla foam
2016 Cuvée Beerenauslese 0.1l
18,00 €
Weinlaubenhof Kracher, Illmitz, Burgenland Chardonnay, Bouvier, Welschriesling
2007 Forticus 0,1l
22,00 €
Weingut Graf Hardegg, Seefeld-Kadolz, Weinviertel Merlot
2014 Banyuls Vin Doux Naturel 0,1l
10,00 €
Gérard Bertrand, Adissan Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris
2008 Vin Santo DOC 0,1l
25,00 €
Fattoria di Fèlsina, Siena, Toskana Sangiovese, Trebbiano

Coffee specialties

€ 3,20
Espresso, entkoffeiniert
€ 3,20
Espresso Macchiato
€ 3,50
Doppelter Espresso
€ 4,90
€ 4,20
Latte Macchiato
€ 4,80
€ 3,50
Verlängerter, entkoffeniert
€ 3,50

Tea specialties

Refreshing Mint
€ 6,50
Fruity Camomile
€ 6,50
Sweet Berries
€ 6,50
€ 6,50
Green Dragon
€ 6,50
Earl Grey
€ 6,50

Special features from the digestif barrel

Herzog Nusserl
€ 9,00
Herzog Zirbe
€ 9,00
Herzog Marille
€ 7,00
Herzog Williams
€ 7,00
Herzog Waldhimbeerbrand
€ 14,00
Ziegler XXL Alte Zwetschke
€ 16,00
Nonino Chardonny Grappa
€ 8,00
Nonino Merlot Grappa
€ 9,00
Bocchino Grappa di Barolo
€ 12,00
Martell Cordon Bleu
€ 18,00
Hennessy XO
€ 22,00